• Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda

The Universe is a Computer.

Updated: Jul 13

When I first read the above article during my school days three decades ago, then I really laughed at this idea. With age, I got spiritually inclined and I slowly realized that it is absolutely true. Being a Computer Science Engineer I was able to figure it out. Now let me share it from my viewpoint of understanding.

What is a Computer?

The Hardware run by OS with Apps running in it.

What Is The Universe?

The Physical World run by Almighty with Souls living in it.

So what we see is-

Hardware = Physical World

OS = Almighty

Apps = Souls

Some common properties of-

Hardware/ Physical World - They perish.

Apps/ Souls - They are unique, eternal, and evolve.

OS/ Almighty - They act as a kernel restricting access to Hardware/ Physical World from Apps/ Souls.

Vendor/ The Creator (A team of programmers.) - Busy fixing issues in the OS/ Almighty and periodically updates them.

If you have time then go through Honestly, I didn't go through it but shared my beliefs and understanding with you folks.

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