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The reasons behind why I don't hate my first employer.

Updated: Oct 10

You got me wrong I don't hate my first employer but loathe it to the deepest of my heart. Now, let me tell you the reasons behind why I loathe them.

I come from a middle-class family and observed my father working very hard to meet the needs of my family and his only vision was to make his kids study in English medium. Though he had pain-staking struggles at the bank he never spoke about them. This impression was imbibed in me subconsciously but never got a chance to tell my parents that I wanted to reciprocate the same selfless service to them.

Due to GOD's grace, my teachers used to love me like anything and awarded me good grades in every exam. They used to pamper me like anything.

My maternal grandpa was a very rich person when I was born but due to his bad friends, he turned into a pauper. My dream after getting a job was to help him buy the home he lost. His family i.e. my maternal Uncle was also suffering due to this then. My only vision was to help my maternal grandpa and Uncle.

I got a job from this Shikakai soap manufacturing company as a Systems Engineer. My vision to help my maternal relatives and my family was about to be fulfilled, but my extraordinary stellar performance at work caused many an envy at work and I was made insane by this worst employer.

The rest is past. I couldn't buy a home for my grandpa and also failed in helping my maternal Uncle for I was made insane by the Worst Employer on the Planet. They just didn't ruin my life but they spoiled the entire Nation with their dirty Applying Thought. My ambition to be a good son and good husband was ruined because of my undergoing severe trauma due to "hearing voices" from Wipro. There were many such plans but they were thwarted by Applying Thought. My parents suffered a lot because of their dirty street politics.

Another reason for loathing Wipro is my several complaints to them about this trauma left unanswered and ignored. Isn't this irresponsibility of the so-called corporate?

Is it wrong to loathe someone who ruined your good dreams to serve one's family and mankind?

Please feel free to contact me if you need any clarifications about this post.

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