• Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda

IT Services Industry is a Bogus!

Every month new open-source framework arrives in the industry. Unfortunately, the crazy US corporates are wasting their T&M in rewriting their existing IT assets based on these newly released open-source frameworks. Is this necessary in our race that ends up in a 6ft grave? What is the point in ruining one's health and suffer because of the deadlines and the stress they cause at work?

Every week we have deadlines and some slog to deliver that will never be useful. Can't we enjoy our lives without these deadlines? Can't we really do some Research & Development instead of rewriting software with more bugs and issues thus leading to chaos in the IT Services Industry?

What is the point in dumping the brains of the young Indian generation? West, kindly stop rewriting software unless it is mandatory. Your UX will look the same way making your users feel comfortable and your business workflow will not change even if you have outdated software. Take Russia and Russians as an inspiration of how they enjoy their lives rather than struggling with deadlines. I am not saying that not to rewrite software but do it in a very planned manner by using tools that semi-automate the rewriting process. If we folks can create compilers then we can create translators as well. Another reason why rewriting is not a good option is because we might be losing valuable data from the old databases!!

If these corporates have tons of money, then please invest in the Asian/ African startups to make the world a better place to live for All.

This post is dedicated to my cousin, Nirupama, and my good friend, Kalyan Reddy!

Thank GOD!!!

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