• Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda

End of a fight between an Idiot and the Indiots.

Updated: Jul 5

Yes, you read it correctly. Once upon a time, there was an Idiot who was victimized by a corporate and made insane to cover up their crimes. This Idiot was stalked by fellow Indiots wherever he went and his life was made miserable. That was a wonderful chain reaction created by Applying Thought. Fortunately, the Creators were watching all this and they came to rescue him in the form of his parents and friends. The Idiot realized that it was better to succumb to the Indiots rather than fighting foolishly because he knew true lovers don't hesitate to lose but the worst corporates only want to win. This Idiot was smart enough to know that Almighty will definitely do Justice to All. Otherwise, the system will get corrupted and fall. Though he looked impatient while working at the corporate his inner faith in Almighty gave him enough strength and perseverance to prove that the corporate was in fact wrong which goes to extent of blackmailing its ex-employees. The Idiot never broke rules and never took law and order into his hands unlike the worst corporate. This is called having patience. Here we go, Idiot and Indiots are back to normal because they will not be fooled forever due to Applying Thought. Let us watch for another trick from these corporate worms until they themselves are blacklisted. Actually, this worst corporate wanted to prove that they are the best by trying to make my following employers bad to me!

The word INDIOTS is derived from INDian PatrIOTS. This Idiot is now an Indiot :) We All Are One. We All Won! Satyameva Jayathe!!

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