• Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda

Dead Soul/ RNA relation to Neutron.

Updated: Jul 13

Bhootha Naatha
Bhootha Naatha

I really don't know the connection mentioned above but I know a dead RNA and Neutron are connected. This is derived from Telugu Community saying when someone demises 'S/he merged into Lord Shiva.', which means 'The dead person's Soul/ RNA is merged into Neutron.' Neutron is at Rest because it is just idle doing nothing and dead RNA is idle too doing nothing. They just exist as a mass but perform nothing. Even in Hindu Puranas, Lord Shiva (Neutron) is articulated as Bhootha Naatha, The Lord of Souls, playing in a graveyard.

I don't want to talk here about how Soul reincaRNAtes.

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